SIF’s flagship program, ‘Sanskar’, has been conceptualized with the intention of empowering future citizens to do their bit for the environment. The objective is to mould young minds with the right values so that they grow up into socially and environmentally responsible citizens.

Inspired by the programme our children have adopted eco-friendly practices and made environment friendly choices in their daily lives as well as influenced their families and friends.

The relevance of the curriculum to their daily lives, enthusiasm of trainers and the exciting methodology, by the way of activities like games, workshops, quizzes and campaigns, has kept the children engrossed and stimulated to devise ways to address environmental problems and spread the message further. We have witnessed that when children saw positive outcomes of their solutions, they enthusiastically championed the causes that SIF espouses.  Parents and teachers corroborate that the environment values imbibed through the programme have been deeply ingrained in them.

The response to the programme is assessed by visible change in the attitude of the children as they actively participate to implement learned concepts. Parents and teachers reported that their children are not only more aware now but are consciously implementing the learning in their daily lives and pushing their families to do so as well. Kids have enjoyed being environment ambassadors and were very effective at their job.

Interviews and surveys conducted during and at the end of the programme reveal that year after year more and more children have reduced the use of plastic bags and firecrackers and have taken serious steps to conserve water and electricity amongst many other steps towards improving the environment.  In the last academic year over 80% of our children acted on these parameters.

However, stories illustrate our impact better than statistics. For instance, what one of our students did will continue to benefit the environment for years to come.  Inspired by the Sanskar sessions, she implemented the learning by convincing her mother and grandmother to sell their products in eco-friendly bags instead of previously used plastic ones. From then on they continue to use only eco-friendly bags. Another student did not accept any gifts on her birthday but asked her friends to plant a sapling each instead.  Thousands of kids gave up fire-crackers and many of them used eco-friendly idols for Ganesh festival.  Almost every kid participating in the programme has contributed towards environment preservation in some manner or the other.

Over the years we have been successful in spreading our wings to include more and more schools and impact many more of our future citizens

SIF SCHOOLS 2004-2016


S. No. Academic year Number of Schools Number of children
1 2004-05 4 400
2 2005-06 34 2500
3 2006-07 52 4000
4 2007-08 56 4500
5 2008-09 69 5000
6 2009-10 74 5000
7 2010-11 95 5500
8 2011-12 100 5800
9 2012-13 106 6000
10 2013-14 112 6500
11 2014-15 155 7500
12 2015-16 155 7900


participating schools

children covered