The importance of trees in purifying the air, reducing global warming, preventing soil erosion, conservation of water, maintaining the ecological balance, providing natural resources as medicines, habitats for faunal species, providing nutrients to the soil etc. is well known.

Unfortunately, the forest cover in the country is dwindling and the reducing number of plants and trees in the city is causing a rise in pollution levels at an alarming rate. The involvement of people and agencies both within and outside the Government, particularly at the grassroots level, is crucial for improving this situation. Sanskar India Foundation (SIF) has taken up this initiative by organising tree plantation drives to correct this imbalance. Various tree plantation drives have been conducted in an attempt to save the environment.

2nd February, 2009 – SIF conducted a tree plantation drive in Worli Sea face Municipal School with the help of the school children and students of The College of Social Work, SNDT University. Children lovingly planted 20 saplings in the area and promised to care for them. An interactive session on the importance of trees for the environment helped prepare the children for the plantation activity, which was followed by a poster competition.

6th June, 2009 – A tree plantation drive was carried out in the Deonar Home for Minor Girls to mark World Environment Day. Fifteen saplings were planted by the children who were addressed on the importance of greening through an interesting story which evoked great enthusiasm. The children named their saplings and decided to care for them till they grew to be big and strong trees.

18th September, 2009 – Sanskar India Foundation conducted a tree plantation drive in Kendriya Vidyalaya 3, Colaba, in collaboration with KPMG. Over 100 children from the school and 43 volunteers of KPMG participated in this massive drive to plant 60 trees. Care was taken to see that the trees were of an indigenous variety to ensure survival and the ground was well prepared before the plantation. Children spoke about the importance of trees and enacted an interesting skit on the same.

19th November, 2009 – SIF conducted a tree plantation drive at Vidya Bhavan college at Pune in collaboration with KPMG in which 20 saplings were planted.

16th July 2010- Tree plantation drive conducted in NKES School Wadala. 30 saplings were planted.

August 2010 – A tree plantation event was conducted in Don Bosco school where 5 saplings were planted.

15th AUG 2012 – SIF organised a tree plantation drive at Army school in which 10 saplings were planted with the help of childrenldren from std 6. The students were divided into 10 groups to adopt and nurture one sapling each . Kids enjoyed naming their plants and pledged to care for them.

Oct 2012 – A tree plantation drive was conducted in in Worli Seaface Municipal School Complex with the help of children from both Worli Seaface English and Worli Seaface Marathi Schools. 9 saplings of fruit trees were planted.

14th Dec 2012- A tree plantation drive was conducted in NCS school. Ten saplings were planted.