Firecracker Free Diwali

These class VI students of Army public school celebrated echo-friendly Diwali by saying “no to crackers” with message for everybody to reduce air and sound pollution; avoid health and fire hazards and stop child labour.

Ratish Kumar, Arjun Kaur Ghuman, Baljeet, Aditi Arya, Archannakumari and Divyapilani said “no to crackers” out of concern for animals, environment and child labour. They also stopped friends and family from bursting crackers by spreading awareness on the negative impact of crackers on the environment and society.

Aishwarya Deshpande spread awareness on harmfulness of crackers through charts in her locality and celebrated a cracker free Diwali in her colony.

Ankit use the money for crackers to buy gifts for poor children.

Majority of our class VI students at kendriya vidyalaya celebrated diwali by saying “no to crackers” to reduce noise and sound pollution to avoid fire accidents, health hazards and child labour.

Aman Singh, Muskan Rawat, Vishakha Chourasiya, Sakshi Ahir , Navpreet Gill and Ashutosh Tiwari gave up the use of fire crackers this Diwali.

Sumir Nigam, Jyoti Pal, Akshaya MD, Priya Mishra, Pranay Das, Aman sagar and Anjali Pande, pained by the suffering of animals and use of child labour, decided to spread the message to friends convincing many to give up firecrackers.

Anjali Panday, Farukh Khan, Suman Yadav, Julie Kumari, Budhi and salma Khatun made people aware through the talks and posters, about the serious health hazards and free caracker accidents that take place at Diwali time leaving people with serious injuries, burns or loss of sight.

Kashish and Ariana, J.B Petit Girls’ High school, class IV spread awareness on the hazardous effects of firecrackers through leaflets they prepare with information on ill-effects of crackers and visited over thirsty houses to spread the message. Diya Gandhi, Siya Singhaniya and Alaiyah Daruwala gave up firecrackers but found other interesting ways to enjoy the festival.

Kishor Patel, Bai Kabibai English school, has greatly cut down on crackers and has set a target of burning zero crackers in five years.

Ronny Thombre from Municipal school, Ghatla, loved bursting firecrackers at Diwali time, but after understanding the harmful effects totally gave up them up and educated his family and friends too.