Not limiting itself to children, SIF’s citywide campaign against fire-crackers involving skits, signature campaigns, rallies, human chains, posters and talks had a resounding success, with youth and adults joining kids in the effort towards a cracker free Diwali.

The highlight of the campaign was the partnering of SIF with students of 12 city colleges for a march against firecrackers on marine drive on 17th October. Enthusiastic supporters joined the march holding posters and urging passersby to save the city from cracker pollution.

Students from college of social work, SNDT University held hands with SIF volunteers to form a human chain and educate passersby through street performances at Churchgate. Our little kids too were not far behind with kids from NCS, Campion and Walsingham school also forming human chains on Marine drive.

For the first time SIF engaged all citizens, young and old alike in 2 online competitions before Diwali. It was heartening to see hundreds of citizens, including senior citizens, participate in the online competitions with childlike enthusiasm and join 7000 kids in celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali. It has vindicated our stand that – It’s never too late to change!