The Genesis

kidsA revolution requires not just being discontented with existing conditions but being able to initiate a change. The Sanskar program is no less than a revolution. Discontented with the existing system that did not provide for development of environmental, civic and social values amongst children, Sanskar India Foundation (SIF), decided to design a module that sought to address this gap. After a year of full-time research in 2003 and inputs from experts, the Sanskar programme took shape. The overwhelming success ,with the 3 schools it was piloted in 2004, ensured that there was no looking back. From three schools and one language, its canvas has grown to 150 schools and three languages.

The recent Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has vindicated Sanskar India Foundation’s cause. While the nationwide campaign focuses on cleanliness, Sanskar India Foundation has been imparting a complete environment education program in schools since 2004 including the importance of proper garbage disposal.

The Programme and Methodology

Unique and innovative both in methodology and content, Sanskar, our flagship program has been designed as a year-long module that addresses a wide variety of environmental issues as well as associated social and health problems. Topics like waste management, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, energy and water conservation, dangers of plastic, importance of greening, eco-friendly festivals etc. are covered under the program.

Picture1Targeting children mainly between ages 9-13 years and conducted in about 20 -22 weekly sessions throughout the academic year, Sanskar ensures that children are not burdened with facts to be learned out of textbooks, but inspired to act with responsibility towards the environment. Various activities, games, quizzes, demonstrations, inter-active sessions, workshops and campaigns ensure whole-hearted participation of the children who come up with innovative ideas for addressing environmental problems and help spreading the message effectively. In a few schools the programme takes the form of a Sanskar or Eco-club, which is more activity oriented.

Equipped with the correct knowledge as well as practical tools, our young Sanskaryaans conduct water audits, awareness drives on against firecrackers, water and energy conservation; and tree plantation activities, to name a few.

Reassuringly, the lessons of a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, imbibed in classrooms, are steadily being taken home by the children to their families. For Sanskar India Foundation, a better tomorrow begins with a better today.