Other Initiatives

SIF promotes the cause of the environment by taking up parallel initiatives in the city.  The organization conducts Tree Plantation drives to help increase and conserve the rapidly dwindling green cover in the country.

SIF has constantly endeavoured and will continue to take up important causes and spread the message to more and more people.

Tree Plantation Drives

Dedicated to the cause of environment, SIF believes in going beyond awareness by taking corrective action. SIF decided to conduct a series of tree plantations to make a lasting impact on the environment.
Starting in the year 2009, SIF has conducted 15 Tree plantation drives in schools and other areas. Two of these, one in Mumbai and one in Pune, were in collaboration with KPMG.  Around 200 saplings have been planted in these drives which  evoked great enthusiasm in children to participate in the plantations and care thereafter.
Sanskar India Foundation hopes to make this an ongoing exercise and help green many more areas.

Tohfa Zindagi Ka

An Organ Donation Awareness Programme

Sanskar India Foundation took up the cause of spreading the message on cadaver organ donations in 2009. Abysmal awareness levels and poor response to cadaver organ donation prompted SIF to conduct several workshops in offices and colleges in order to dispel myths around the subject. These workshops have encouraged many participants to pledge their organs for donation.  It is heartening to note that there is now an increase in the number of donations as well as organisations that have joined hands for the cause.

SIFs Foray in Formal Education

SIF began its stint in formal education by providing additional Math assistance to Municipal school students in 2008. Through these classes conducted for over a period of more than two years, SIF helped eradicate the fear of numbers and generate an interest among students in the subject.

Since 2011, SIF has forayed into providing assistance in English Reading and Speaking to children from two Municipal schools who find it difficult to cope with lessons due to the inability to understand English.  The lessons have given these children the joy and of learning the language through interesting ways and a confidence that come with the ability to understand and speak the language with ease.

In the same year, SIF also started offering classes as an Assistance to Learners Requiring Additional Help in two Municipal schools.
SIF’s aim of starting this project was to ensure that children with little or no exposure to formal education have a smooth transition to their age-appropriate classes thus ensuring that they cope better with lessons and enjoy attending school. The SIF teachers, along with school authorities, have maintained a progress record to track the improvement in the level of the student regularly.
Pleased with SIF’s methodology and success with children in the above programs, many other schools have requested a greater responsibility in their students’ day-to-day activities and SIF teachers are gladly assuming these roles.

Beach Clean Ups

For the last three years, SIF has been organising Beach Clean Up drives to clean Girgaum Chowpatti  the day after Ganpati Visarjan.  Roping in volunteers from colleges like Siddharth College, Lala Lajpatrai College and  College of Social Work, SNDT university,  the SIF team helps clear the beach of littered plastic bottles, wrappers,  broken pieces of idols, flowers and other offerings

SIF plans to continue this initiative in keeping with its objective of preserving the environment.

Campaign - Say No to Plastic Bags

Committed to the cause of environment preservation, SIF endeavours to reduce the use of hazardous plastic through education and action. Campaigns and workshops on Say No to Plastics inspire kids and adults to adopt eco-friendly alternatives and convince families and friends to do so.

Taking our campaign a step further SIF  initiated a unique project to recycle old clothes into cloth bags for distribution at special drives against plastic and in schools for use for gift wrapping for their programmes. Through this on-going project we have been successful in recycling old cloth into useful resource, thereby reducing plastic bag usage as well as provide a source of income for ladies involved in stitching the bags.

Campaign - Say No to Firecrackers

Committed to empowering citizens with environment-friendly values, SIF has been conducting campaigns against firecrackers since 2004. Our enlightened kids go all out to spread the message – from skits to assembly speeches to flash mobs to signature campaigns and street marches, you name it and Sanskar kids are doing each of these and more to ensure as many people sign up to a cracker-free celebration.

Announcing a massive, citywide campaign last Diwali,  2014 saw students of 12 colleges join a rally against firecrackers on marine drive and 3 human chains for the same cause. To rope in youth and adults alike for the cause, SIF organised 2 online competitions to encourage more participation. The citywide campaign was a resounding success with thousands of children, youth and adults giving up firecrackers.  It resulted in Mumbai witnessing a quieter and less polluted Diwali last year.

Eco-Friendly Holi Workshops

Every year these workshops are conducted in all Sanskar schools , other schools, housing societies and special centres. The thrust is to impress upon kids , the hazards of chemical colours and how our the manner of our celebration wastes and pollutes water, our most precious resource. The highlight of these workshops is the demonstration of making colours through easily available kitchen ingredients. The idea inspires kids to come up with fascinating combinations of colours and celebrate an eco-friendly festival with minimal wastage of colours.

Eco-Friendly Ganesha Workshops

Besides all the schools in which the Sanskar programme is conducted, SIF has regularly conducted Eco-friendly Ganesha workshops each year in housing societies in Andheri and Bhakti park as well as in special centres like SHARE, SUPPORT,  YMCA etc etc.  Each year SIF educates thousands of children on the hazards of water pollution caused by idols made of plaster of Paris and coloured with toxic, metallic paints. They are inspired through workshops on making eco-friendly idols out of clay or mud and coloured with easily available and harmless kitchen ingredients. Kids enjoy making their own idols and many families decide to use these eco-friendly idols for the Ganesha festival celebration.

Craft from Waste Workshops and Exhibitions

In Dec, 2012, SIF partnered with AISEC Mumbai to conduct workshops over 5 days, on craft and art from waste, in 3 Municipal School Complexes for over 2500 children. SIF took the lead at all stages – organizing permissions, conducting site visits to identify suitable schools, recruiting resource persons, training volunteers, scheduling and conducting the workshops.  The event was a huge success.

During May 2013 and July 2013, SIF conducted a series of workshops in Navy Children School, all   Kendriya Vidhalaya 1, 2 and 3  Schools, Alexandra School, Army Public School, Campiagn School, Walsingham School and many more schools all over Mumbai on making useful items using waste materials such as cloth scraps. Through the workshops, which were very well received, SIF taught the art of making Craft from Waste after educating them on the importance of correct waste management. Children enjoyed the workshop and made useful and creative articles out of waste.

Every year SIF conducts workshops on making useful articles from waste  and children proudly exhibit their creative talent in specially organised exhibitions in schools like DN Nagar Municipal School, KD Gaekwad Municipal School, Naval Children school and Sanyas Ashram Municipal school to name a few.

Waste to Wealth Workshops

In 2009 and 2010, SIF organised 20 day long “Waste to Wealth” workshops, sponsored by LG Electronics, in several schools across the geography of Mumbai. These workshops which were demonstrational in nature managed to reach the twin messages of reducing waste and the importance of greening to over 4500 children in a fun-filled and interesting manner. The workshops were highly appreciated by the school Principals and children alike.

‘Waste to wealth’ and ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and workshops were customised in 2011 and 2012 for St Catherine Home and St Joseph School and sponsored by Siemens and KPMG. Children learned proper garbage disposal through games and activities enjoyed making their own paper through recycling waste paper.

Each year similar workshops continue to be conducted in several schools, special centres like YMCA and Coast Guard ladies association as well as housing societies.

Swine Flu Awareness & Anti-Spitting Drive

The Swine Flu epidemic both in 2009 as well as 2014 prompted us to initiate a prevention drive by educating people on the disease, cause of spread and easy tips to contain its spread. Several sessions were conducted in schools and the community to emphasize the importance of hygiene measure to contain the disease as well as habits to avoid infection. An Anti-spitting drive was also conducted to educate the women of the community on the role of spitting in spreading the infection.