Programme Duration: June – November, 2014

What better way to ensure expansion of our programme than to train the very people who influence our children everyday – with this view SIF partnered with BTTC (Bombay teachers training College) to train a class of under training teachers to conduct “Sanskar,” our environmental programme for schools.

As a pilot, in 2014, a batch of twenty three DTed students went through an intensive training in order to participate in our effort to raise environmentally responsible citizens through purposeful education. These trained students then conducted the programme in 3 schools and 8 classes in the academic year 2014-15, under the supervision of SIF teachers, with great results. It served a dual purpose of sensitizing the trainee teachers as well as the children who benefitted from the programme. The long term benefit of these young teachers spreading the knowledge year after year is of course immeasurable!

We hope to continue this partnership to include more and more trainee teachers in the years ahead.