Eco friendly RakhiSanskar India Foundation with a vision to ensure learning by doing undertook the activity of Rakhi making from waste material in over 100 including 70 BMC schools of Mumbai. The creative and innovative thought process was also witnessed when children in these schools crafted beautiful Rakhis out of left over ribbon, wool etc.  A very thoughtful gesture noticed in some of these creations was the affixing of an alphabet denoting their brother’s name on the Rakhi.  The children marveled at how a little effort and thinking on their part could convert waste material easily available at home into such elegant useful products.  

They found the activity really special and enjoyed the activity immensely. Most of the children decided against buying Rakhis and celebrate the festival with self created Rakhis. Sanskar India Foundation team wishes each and everyone a very Happy Eco- Friendly Rakhi..