It’s that time of the year to bring home our favourite God, Lord Ganesha to our homes! Sanskar India Foundation ( SIF) has been working at a feverish pace all through August and in September to ensure that children from around 115 Mumbai schools and colleges get to take home their self crafted, eco-friendly Ganeshas before the festival. The idols, made from natural materials like river silt or clay, which were traditionally used before the advent of POP (plaster of Paris), can easily integrate into the ecosystem after immersion, without polluting our water resources. We ensure that the idols are used in their natural form or coloured only with food ingredients to make them truly eco-friendly.

Year after year, SIF has been educating children, through our programme Sanskar, on the importance of eco-friendly celebrations. With the response and enthusiasm rising each year we hope to change the world for the better … bit by bit!