We believe in conservation and judicious use of resources and inculcate a value of recycling waste and reusing it to reduce our resource consumption. This is the need of the hour as we see garbage and wastage all around us.

Our students are leading the way to show us innovative ways of recycling wastes.

Akshay Rao, Campion School, Class 6 picks up chocolate wrappers, scattered/wasted papers in and around the class and gives them for recycling on the way to his home.

Jaymal Lodha, Campion School, has taken to composting wet waste and stops people from littering. He requests people to use dustbins so that some of the waste can be recycled.

Hitaxi Mukhi, JB Petit, who outgrew her favorite dress turned it into a bag to avoid wastage and use of plastic bag.

Our students from JB Petit High School for Girls, Army Public School, Navy Childrens School, Walsingham House School and Alexandra school donated old bedsheets which were stitched into cloth bags and used by them as well as distributed at railway stations in a drive against plastic.