Water is life! It is a basic requirement of life. Hydrological cycle is changing and water security is a big concern for us. Taking care of natural water resources during festivals to save them from pollution or using it at home, school or anywhere, water is an important theme for us.
Our students show us how their simple acts are conserving and using water judiciously.
Rahul Ingle, Holy Name High School has stopped his mother from discarding flowers in water after performing rituals to stop water pollution. She now advises others to do the same.

Sara S Shah, JB Petit High School for Girls , uses unused water from her water bottle to water plants in her compound and reuses wrapping paper and envelopes.

Elahi Jalali, JB Petit High School for Girls , raised awareness on saving water by drawing attention to leaking tap and ensured it was repaired.

Diya Gandhi, from JB Petit High School for Girls, uses unused water from her bottle to water plants or wash utensils; reduces the plastic uses in her building by sending letters which educate on the harms of plastics and reduces pollution by spreading awareness on harmfulness of crackers through posters.

Mahek M, JB Petit High School, closes school taps when not used and also uses cloth bag to avoid plastic danger.

Anchal Ranka, JB Petit High School for Girls, is saving water by sensitizing friends through posters she puts up in her building.

Twisha Metha, JB Petit High School, reuses water from her bottle to water plants, switches off lights when not required and spreads awareness to stop using toxic colors.

Niyoshi Maniyar, JB Petit High School for Girls , stopped wasting water in her bathroom by fixing a leaking tap.

Sneha Kishor Jadhav, Lord Harris Marathi School, is spreading awareness on importance of water in her building and telling people to reduce wastage and use it carefully.

Suran Singh, Deonar Colony Municipal Hindi School educated his friend on the importance of water and stopped him from wasting water by keeping tap closed when not required.

Parveen Khan, Deonar Municipal Hindi School, is spreading the message to not waste water while doing household chores even at the cost of getting scolded from others.

Suyash Rane, Deonar Municipal Marathi School, is spreading awareness on importance of water and its growing scarcity in villages. This year he asked his neighbors to celebrate holi without water.

Reshma Nagarji, Deonar Colony School No.3, is spreading awareness on water shortage and telling her neighbours to use water carefully, especially to close taps when not required during washing clothes and utensils.

Mehek Shaikh, Marathi School No.3, Deonar Colony, is spreading awareness on importance of water for all living creatures including the crops that are grown for consumption and telling family and neighbors not to waste it while washing clothes, utensils, cleaning floors etc.

Nijba Pradhan, Subhash Nagar Municipal Hindi School, is saving water and using water carefully even though water supply to her house is regular, as many others are not so fortunate like her. She now keeps bucket below leaking taps until they are fixed to avoid water wastage.

Komal Keti, Marathi School ) is spreading awareness to save water for a better future and closes water taps when not required in school and stops other students from wasting drinking water.

Shanti Rajbhar, Municipal Hindi School, played Holi with natural colors he learned to make from SIF teachers and stopped his friends from throwing water and wasting it as there are people who don’t get water to drink.

Water harvesting

Water is life! We are a country blessed with good monsoon but unfortunately facing water crisis. Though water crisis is a complicated issue inextricably linked with development, we use it every day for various purposes and this gives us an opportunity to develop a healthy relationship with water use in our day to day lives. We can also harvest it during the monsoon and use it for non-consumptive purposes like how some of our students are doing.

Yethiraj Gosavi, Holy Name High School follows a simple principle called ‘catch the drop’ to harvest rain water on the terrace of his society by keeping buckets which he uses for non-consumption activities like washing, flushing etc.