Trees are not only important for their scenic beauty but for a host of ecosystem functions they perform. They not only give us the life sustaining oxygen and absorb carbon-dioxide but also affect the climate and water resources of a place. Many trees have medicinal values or are culturally significant. So, saving trees is securing our right to clean air and a host of services we depend on trees for.

Here’ s how our green crusaders are taking initiatives to save trees.

Aditya Upadhyay, Bai Kabibai English School no longer plays with paper balls but recycles every bit of waste paper to save trees.

Sneha Verma, Army Public School planted not just one or two but seven trees to change the dry scenery, which upsets her, and takes care of them too.

Tishya Jain, JB Petit High School, uses unused side of used office papers from his father’s office to save paper and trees.

Sanskar students from Army Public School planted 15 saplings in their school compound in two separate plantation drives. They water and care for these plants which are growing strong and healthy.

Our students from Navy Childrens School, Worli Sea face Municipal School , Ganpat Rao Kadam school, NKES have conducted similar drives to grow more trees.