Energy is precious! We are dependent on energy to live a comfortable life. However, we waste a lot of energy through our carelessness. Saving energy is both saving money and resources.
Our students now make a conscious habit of saving it now for future.

Sanya Tanswala, JB Petit High School for Girls,, saves energy everyday by switching off boiler and lights after use.

Krish Mendosa, Campion School, walks instead of using car to school or grocery and recommends bicycle to his friends. He also uses the wet waste from his kitchen in his garden.

Mallika Singh, JB Petit High School for Girls , now protects the environment by doing little things which save energy and resources such as turning off taps and lights when not required; using cloth bags; making bags out of old newspaper; making natural colors; using left over water to water plants; reusing plastic bags and putting bucket under the leak in her bathroom to save water.

Kadija Bandukwala, JB Petit High School for Girls , switches off power after her/his parents use for phone charging, uses unused water from his bottle for lunch, switches off fan before leaving lift and does not use plastic bags for shopping.