Many children make the Sanskar curriculum their way of life in many ways and move on to change the world.

Siya Singhania, JB Petit, keeps tap closed while brushing, reuses wrapping paper, reuses bottle water on plants, uses cloth bag for shopping, switches off lights when not required and rarely burst crackers.

Vivana Shah, stops people from littering in public places, uses electricity carefully, plays Holi only with eco-friendly colors and helped clean up Chowpatty beach the day after Ganesh Visarjan.

Arpita from Joglekar Wadi Municipal School has learned the importance of clean surroundings and now makes every effort to stop people from littering. She educates her neighbours about the importance of using water carefully and gives them tips to recycle water in their own ways.

Shetuji Sengupta, JB Petit High School for Girls, researches on water pollution and spreads awareness through poster to stop wasting water, uses newspaper as gift wraps and makes paper bags.

Aaliyah Daruwala, JB Petit High School for Girls, saves water while brushing by keeping tap closed, uses cloth bags for shopping, switches off lights and fans when not required and does not burst crackers.

Sneha Maske from Nadkarni Park Municipal School has stopped using plastic bags and makes sure her family members take along cloth bags for shopping too. She ensures that not a drop of water is wasted in her house and that fans and lights are switched off immediately after use.

Muskan Quereshi from Deonar colony Municipal school is particular that her family use cloth bags for shopping instead of plastic ones. She makes her neighbours aware of how much water is wasted on daily chores and teaches them simple ways to conserve water. She also ensures that her surrounding is clean and stops her friends from littering.