A group can do more than an individual and when galvanized and driven by a zest for environmental sustainability with social responsibility, they can take society far and give a new future. This is exactly what our students are doing and we are truly proud of them for taking the initiative as a group to maintain cleanliness and greenery in their locality.

Richi Jain, Fort Convent initiated a club with her friends to create awareness on wastes. They regularly collect recyclable items from flats in their society and give it to the raddiwala as and when they collect enough.

Akshaya, with her friends created an innovative initiative called ‘Garbage In and Garbage Out’ tent in her society to recycle plastic bottles.

Nishi Jain was pained by the amount of garbage created after Ganesh Visarjan. She mobilised her friends to form a club called “Be Green” and conduct clean up drives in her society and some nearby areas