Over the last 12 years, Sanskar India Foundation (SIF) has been working relentlessly with schools in Mumbai city with its flagship programme called SANSKAR. We continue to ideate, innovate and create a fun way of learning a holistic way of living which protects and conserves the environment, promotes civic sense and social justice in society. This has been made possible by the real transformation we see in our students living our curriculum as a way of life which
values the resources we use and the impact it has on society.

We proudly share with you some of these values which are transforming lives and society at large such as: celebrating eco-friendly festivals; saving energy; saving water; waste recycling; saving trees; water harvesting; starting green clubs etc, to name just a few. The values we have instilled in our students have enabled them to make choices which are good for one and all.
Thousands of our students have shown to us and society that it is never too late nor impossible to transform lives and society. A few of their efforts are compiled below.

Eco-Friendly Festivals

Firecracker Free Diwali
Green Ganesha
Green Holi
Celebrating Festivals the Eco-Friendly Way

Saving Energy

Testimonials from students on saving energy

Saving Water

Testimonials from students on saving water

Saving Trees

Testimonials from students on saving trees

Waste Recycling

Testimonials from students on waste recycling


Testimonials from students on cleanliness

Green Clubs

Testimonials from students on green clubs

Making a Difference

Testimonials from students on making a difference